Youth MTB Skills Academy

Youth MTB Skills Academy

01 October 2021 - 01 April 2022
All Day

YOUTH MTB SKILLS ACADEMY with Mastering MTB Skills (ages 10+)

Monthly Subscription: R2500pp (minimum 3 month sign up)

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Wessel Jacobsz Victoria Rose from Mastering MTB Skills and Ride Like A Girl invite you to enroll your kids into our highly educational and internationally accredited instructional Mountain Biking Skills training program. Geared towards kids from 10 years old and up, we have a program tailored towards primary and high school kids of all ages and skills abilities. 

To ensure that the quality of our offering remains top-class we will only be accepting 12 participants at any one time. This way we can guarantee that each participant gets the best tuition and individualized attention from our instructors. The groups will always be small allowing riders more time to work on achieving their goals.

Every enrolled participant has full access to all our mtb experiences and skills training sessions. Choose which days and events you would like your child to attend or let them join them all. It’s up to you. There are also weekly events for you to join with your young shredder, so you can enjoy their growth and progression together, and with us.

Get your kids to learn everything about mountain biking in an all encompassing, fun, and inclusive environment where we will help to build not only excellent skills in mountain biking but also provide an open environment where we give support, encourage and challenge each other. 

With access to the latest global developments in MTB skills education and applications, and with emphasis on meeting international standards, we are confident your child will learn, and progress his or her’s mountain biking ability to the next level, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. With years of teaching experience in skilling-up and training MTB youth and young adults locally and abroad, and our long standing reputation for offering world class coaching, we provide a professional mountain biking skills training program and experience for you and your kids to be a part of.

Focusing on the skills and theory needed for MTB Cross-Country lap racing, Enduro MTB racing, Downhill racing, and All-Mountain Trail Riding, we provide a comprehensive training program that covers in-depth all the requirements for your child to confidently handle their mountain bikes throughout all disciplines. With all our classes rotating daily between all the best bike-parks in Gauteng, we ensure that a wide variety of trails and features are covered, exposing your kids to different trails and riding conditions.

With several instructors available to meet the needs of all ages, and all levels, together with carefully planned and laid out daily training sessions encompassing the theory and practicality of mountain biking, we guarantee your kids will not only progress and improve their mountain biking & trail riding abilities, but also learn a whole set of other important life skills while having an awesome and fulfilling experience riding their bikes with us.

Get in touch with us to enroll your child into the most comprehensive and all encompassing MTB skills training program available in South Africa. Limited spots available so don’t miss out!



Choose any day or join them all. Please note that it is mandatory to attend at least one MTB fundamentals session on a Tuesday afternoon or during a weekend group session. Also, the advanced jumping session on Thursday’s can only be joined if mandatory requirements are met. **Terms & conditions applied

All venues will be communicated to participants before each session starts. Venues will rotate between all the bike parks in Pretoria. this will include The Big Red Barn, Wolwespruit, Grootfontein, Buffelsdrift & Rosemary Hill Trails.

Tuesday: Level 1 group – MTB Fundamentals – Rotating venues (15:00 -17:00)

  • Core bike handling skills & theory with obstacle course in an controlled environment 
  • Slow speed vs high speed skills practice & applications
  • Climbing and descending
  • Understanding pressure control and body positioning
  • Introduction to high speed cornering
  • Introduction to jumping and riding drops
  • Introduction to technical single track trail riding

Wednesday: Level 2 group – Intermediate to advanced XCO & Enduro skills training and Practical Trail Riding theory – rotating venues (15:00 – 17:30)

  • Speed, Approach & body position applied to various features & trails
  • Riding bigger drops and technical rock gardens
  • Line choices and decisions
  • Steep & Technical downhill trails
  • Steep and technical uphill climbs
  • Eye Movement & State of Mind
  • XCO, Enduro & Downhill race strategies and discussions
  • Monthly mini XCO & enduro segment challenges
  • Trailside repairs & managing mechanicals

Thursday: Level 3 group – Advanced & Specialty Skills Training – rotating venues (15:00 – 17:30)

Strict Joining Requirements: 

  • Advanced riders only (Instructor discretion – instructor will decide if your child is ready for this class)
  • Flat shoes and pedals mandatory (Clips may be used once skills mastery is displayed on flats)
  • Full Face Helmet Mandatory
  • Gloves and Kneepads mandatory
  • Jump theory
  • Taking off and landing safely
  • Boosting for more airtime & managing your bike in the air
  • Clearing Bigger Tables & Gaps
  • Down Hill Trails & Skills
  • Using Whips & Scrubs to your advantage
  • How to hip to the left & right
  • Judging speed and reading the lip
  • Approaching big drops and step downs
  • Riding Step-Ups
  • Advanced cornering techniques
  • and more…


Weekend Group Sessions – Rotating sessions at all the bike parks in Gauteng 

FREE for enrolled kids & R350 for parents

  • Mastering MTB Skills: Level 1 MTB Fundamentals
  • Mastering MTB Skills: Level 2 Corners Drops Hops
  • Mastering MTB Skills: Level 3 Big Drops and Technical Rocks
  • Mastering MTB Skills: Jump With Confidence  
  • Mastering MTB Skills Rides – Intermediate/advanced trail ride with tips and demonstrations

Saturday: Group Session 08:30am – 10:30am

  • Various Sessions – open to parents (R350pp) and enrolled academy youths (free) and to the public (R650pp)

Sunday: Group Session 08:30am – 10:30am

  • Various Sessions – open to parents (R350pp) and enrolled academy youths (free) and to the public (R650pp)



Contact us to enroll your kid: email or call Wessel on 0717414039 if you have any questions and to enroll your child.

  • Register online, sign the indemnity and make payment
  • We will add you to our WhatsApp “Ride Planning” group where we will communicate with all the parents.
  • Drop your kids off with us 15 minutes before the sessions starts at the bike park venue.
  • Collect your kid after the session, come have a chat with us if you like!
  • Listen to the stoke in your kids voice on the way home 😉

**Bike park fee’s at own cost

What your kid needs

  • A modern mountain bike in good working condition
  • Snacks, hydration and sunblock.
  • Helmet – No Helmet No Ride. Please note that we highly recommend Full Face helmets for our advanced classes. We will communicate with you which sessions we require this. (We sell helmets)
  • Protective gear – Gloves, Knee Pads, Elbow Guards, and Shin Pads (We sell these)
  • Pedals – although clips are fine to use at most of our sessions, we do require mandatory flat pedals and shoes for some of our advanced classes. Students attempting difficult and consequential features first have to show us mastery in flats before we allow them to progress the skill to clips. This is particularly important during big jumps and drops progressions. We highly recommend flat pedals and shoes for correct bike handling form and techniques. All of which are transferable to clips (We sell flat pedals and shoes)
  • Eye protection – we advise that your kids wear proper eye protection either in the form of MTB specific sunglasses or goggles to protect from the harsh African sun and also debris and trailside dangers like rocks, trees and sticks that could potentially harm eyes (We sell eye protection)

All sessions conducted by certified and internationally accredited coaches qualified through the Bike Instructor Certification Program Africa headed up by Wessel Jacobsz & Victoria Rose.


All events/sessions subject to change due to bad weather conditions. Only direct family members eligible for discounts and deals. Bike park fees are not included. All rights reserved. Prices subject to change. We reserve the right to expel any participant from the program should they cause danger or abuse to others. Some weekday events/sessions may be postponed to a later date due to events such as courses camps and getaways coincidingWe regret no refunds will be given. No payment no participation. Three month minimum enrolment. Thursday specialty session requirements are mandatory.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via email on or 071 741 4039 WESSEL


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