COST: R750pp incl bike park fee

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Ladies Bunnyhops & Drops MTB Skills Clinic
Ladies Bunnyhops & Drops MTB Skills Clinic
Date: 31 January 2021
Venue: The Big Red Barn, Olifantsfontein


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What To Expect

This technical skills ride will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and apply all the skills covered in part 1 & part 2 of our course with the guidance of our instructors.

This is not a distance or speed ride, but rather where we ride to technical features on the trail and guide you through and practice them.

Technical features include steep climbs and descents with varying terrain, rock gardens, high speed corners and berms, drop offs, bridges, switchbacks and jumps.

Our goal with the technical skills ride is to get you flowing through technical terrain with confidence. All the features we cover on the trail will be progressional which will give everyone the opportunity to be challenged and learn.

Riders must have completed part 1 & part 2 of our course before attending this technical skills ride.

Trail Riding Skills Covered

Depending on the trail and the technical features on the trail, these are some of the skills that will be applied: 


  • Mastering Flow
  • Mastering Correct Speed
  • Managing Your Bike in The Rough & On The Rocks
  • Approaching Bigger Drops
  • Gaining Speed in Berms
  • High Speed Flat Corners
  • Getting More Air
  • Landing Form
  • Pedalling Techniques
  • Baseline Balance Mastery