COST: R750pp incl bike park fee 

TIMES: 7:30am – 11:30am (September – April)  8:30am – 12:30pm (May – August)   


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What We Cover & Why Part 1 is Essential

The focus of this skills session is to build good technically correct MTB skills through progressive learning. The mountain bike skills drills covered relate directly to the essential techniques needed to mountain bike the correct way right from the start.

We focus on bike handling skills and how they are used on single track trails and features found on the trails. This session is designed to assist anyone who wishes to master the core skills of mountain biking and trail riding and is suitable for newcomers as well as more experienced riders wishing to improve their skills.

Please note this is NOT a “beginner’s” session or an “easy” session. It is a progressive session. Every skill taught can be progressed to a higher level of difficulty out on the trails. The bigger the progression the higher the consequences. This session is suitable for folks new to riding and more experienced riders as it is progression based. This session has both a bike handling skills and trail riding skills component.

This session is led by one of our highly professional and internationally accredited BICP skills instructors and ride guides.

Bike Handling Skills Covered 

  • The Essential Elements of Mountain Biking
  • Body position & Line Choice
  • Achieving The Correct State of Mind
  • Braking Techniques
  • Climbing & Descending Techniques (Steep Roll Downs/Climbs)
  • Higher Speed Cornering Techniques (Flats & Berms)
  • Pressure Control
  • Loading Techniques
  • Getting Air (Small Drops/Table Tops)
  • Wheel Lifts

Trail Riding Skills Covered 

  • Approaching an Obstacle & Line Choice
  • Vision Control & Precision
  • Getting Ready
  • Higher Speed Flat Corners & Berms
  • Drops (15cm, 30cm, 50cm, 100cm High Drops)
  • Steep Roll Downs
  • Steeper, Faster, Narrower Single-Track Riding

What To Expect 

This session does cover some challenging content so bring your best vibes. We will be attempting to do small jumps and drops, higher speed cornering, rock gardens, higher speed breaking etc. however this is a no pressure environment.

All obstacles are first demonstrated, explained and practiced thoroughly in a controlled environment without consequence (on grass) before being progressed to a higher degree of difficulty on the trails.

All skills are first mastered on the ground/grass before being taken to the trails. Ultimately, it is up to the rider that decides how far/fast they progress. Every rider is different.

The session first starts out on a grassy area where we cover the theory and basics of what we are going to attempt out on the trails. We spend about 1-2 hours on the grass before heading out on the trails.

On the trails we will stop, demonstrate and practice riding several features of varying degrees of difficulty. This is a no-pressure ride and we are all here to learn and broaden our experience. Only encouragement and patience will be tolerated.

The ride lasts about 2-3 hours. The full session lasts 3-5 hours depending on the size of the group and the trail we are riding. Flat pedals and shoes, shin guards, and elbow guards are highly recommended, but not compulsory. All instructors/guides will use flat pedals.

*This course is a prerequisite to Part 2 & Part 3.