COST: R750pp incl bike park fee


Ladies Drops & Rocks MTB Skills Clinic
Ladies Drops & Rocks MTB Skills Clinic
Date: 15 May 2021
Venue: Grootfontein Bike Park, Pretoria


Mastering MTB Skills: Drops Rocks Berms
Mastering MTB Skills: Drops Rocks Berms
Date: 15 May 2021
Venue: Grootfontein Bike Park, Pretoria


What We Cover

These masterclass sessions are conducted weekly mostly out on the trails with some ground sessions called every second week.

The focus of these sessions is mastering steeper, faster and more technical trails and features. We practice riding single-track trails and how to apply the fundamental principles to obstacles and lines ranging from easy to extremely difficult and challenging.

We cover mostly how to approach obstacles, how to engage and manage obstacles, and how to finish and follow through on an obstacle. An obstacle can be a flat corner, berm, drop, rock garden, jump (gap, table, kicker), or even just a high speed off camber line on loose rocks.

Essentially any part of a trail is a feature in itself, and if we can get better at riding it, we session it and master it until we are stoked!

This session is for guys keen on learning more enduro riding/all mountain biking tips and techniques to get better on more technical terrain and features. The club session masterclass is a non-aggressive, no-pressure environment and all members are encouraged to progress at their own speed. We like to always ensure that we practice on features that would accommodate everybody.

From guys just starting out to guys wanting to take on bigger challenges, there should always be something for everybody. This is a regular weekly ride and we have several ride guides who may lead us.

There is a 6-month minimum sign up.

The club session masterclass ranges in distance and time. All members should be fit enough to last between 3-5 hours on their bikes. We will mostly ride distances from 10-35km, but there could be days that we call a ride that requires us to go a bit further.

Every ride/session will be called in detail beforehand so that there is no confusion as to the expectations of the ride.

Trail Riding Skills Covered

  • Mastering Flow
  • Mastering Correct Speed
  • Managing Your Bike in The Rough & On The Rocks
  • Approaching Bigger Drops
  • Gaining Speed in Berms
  • High Speed Flat Corners
  • Getting More Air
  • Landing Form
  • Pedalling Techniques
  • Baseline Balance Mastery

What To Expect

This ride will run weekly in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We will also run this ride on 2 Saturdays per month. The trails we ride will vary, but the focus will be to session features and obstacles with a view to master them.

Guides will discuss, demonstrate and then allow for practice. Each rider will receive personal feedback on how they can improve if needed. This will be a no drop ride and a no-pressure environment.

Every rider is responsible for his/her own choices when deciding to ride trail features. The session can vary in distance depending on the goals of the ride. There will always be something challenging to try on this ride!